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We have a wide selection of high-quality garage doors from all of the major name brands to pick from, and the highest quality of professional standard services with our highly-trained and certified garage door technicians, you can be assured Hollywood Garage Door and Gates Repair Service’s’ new garage door and gates installation services. The new garage door and gates products and parts are backed by the industry’s paramount warranty by the manufacturer and our own warranty on the work. You get all of this at the lowest and more reasonable prices anywhere in Hollywood areas and will be completed in the most reasonable time.

25 Points Inspection

    • -Safety Cables
    • -Drums
    • -Center Bearing
    • -End Bearing Plate
    • -Pulleys
    • -Forks
    • -Shaft
    • -Hinges
    • -Strut / Truss Rod
    • -Panel Condition Garage Door Opener

Control Panel / Remotes / Keyless Entry

  • -Spring Anchor
  • -Bottom Weather Seal
  • -Boom / Trolley
  • -Safety Eyes
  • -Motor / Gear
  • -Bellwire
  • -Door Balance
  • -Springs
  • -Rollers
  • -Cables
  • -Brackets
  • -Tracks
  • -Hinge Arms


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